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Ayurveda Coaching


(virtually or in person)

The road to peace and wellbeing is lined with the simplicity and beauty of nature.  If you are ready to commit to the path of peace and wellbeing, Ayurveda Coaching shines the light on the pathway.

We begin with aligning your personal  rhythms with Nature's daily, monthly, seasonal, and planetary rhythms.  We assess your unique bodytype and what is the best way to "garden" for optimal wellbeing given your current condition and environment.  Then, we incorporate dietary guidance, herbal remedies, lifestyle recommendations and more.


It is highly recommended to start with a 90-minute initial session. This can be a stand-alone session or followed up with monthly check ins and possible add-on therapies from the menu below.  With each session, you will receive informative handouts, guidance on customized self-care to focus on, a journaling assignment, and "homeplay" assignments.

It takes time to create new habits and to peel back layers for healing.  A package of 6 sessions where we have a chance to go through every aspect of life over a period of time to support you in upgrading your outer life to match the current version of yourself is most ideal.

Vedic Astrology Coaching

(virtual or in person)

It is said that vedic astrology is likened to roadmap for where we came from, where we are now, and where our journey could ultimately lead us.  Each chart has possibilities for higher and lower expressions depending on the effort one has put in towards self growth and evolution. 

In our session, we look at what in your current life harmonizes with the general information from your chart and anything you might be pouring resources and energy into that might be out of harmony with your planetary rhythms. This exploration will factor in any goals, dreams or aspirations you might have.


If desired, we can take a deeper look at the cycles of the sun, moon, stars, and planets and how to track these on a calendar (and where possible in the night sky) so that you can begin to observe, like the ancient seers,  how the rhythms of these celestial bodies effect your own rhythms. The more we become aware of nature's rhythms, how they affect us, and how to align our life with their movements, the more ease and wellbeing we can experience in day to day life.

Though it is beneficial to have even one session, optimally, over a course of several sessions, we can look deeply at each area of the chart and how this relates to each area of your life.

Massage and Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurvedic and massage therapies facilitate dropping into a very deep place of relaxation where the brain waves become calm like a tranquil lake. In this space, healing and rejuvenation can happen at all levels. (Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).

Often clients will say that bodywork and Ayurvedic therapies set a new frame of reference for what it means to feel calm, grounded, and in tune with their own deeper voice of wisdom so they may continue to find that place more frequently not just in their sessions but in other areas of life as well.

  • Abhyanga - Traditional ayurvedic oil massage with medicated oils

  • Basti - a pool of medicated warm oil over a specific spot

  • Marma Massage – Facial Rejuvenation

  • Shirodhara with Herbal Oil - steady stream of warm oil over the forehead

  • Garshana - lymphatic dry brushing

  • Svedana - sweat chamber

  • Sinus rejuvenation treatment - herbal steam, nasal oils, and sinus drainage massage

  • Foot Reflexology – targeted application of pressure and oil to points on the feet

  • Thai yoga massage - passive yoga poses along with massage.

  • Raindrop Therapy - 9 essential oils for immune strength and spinal alignment

Reiki Treatment

Additional Offerings

(virtual or in person)

  • Yoga private sessions - Honor your own unique needs in your practice. A yoga private session could be an opportunity to relax and be nourished  or it could be an opportunity to rehabilitate from an injury and know how to modify properly so that you can attend group classes again.

  • Breathing and Meditation  -  Health is directly related to the ability for prana to flow through the body. Breathing techniques are very potent medicine. Learn which techniques to focus to suit your areas of concern.

  • Personalized Yoga Nidra Sessions - After a brief intake to assess your needs, you will have the opportunity to rest in a reclined position while you are guided layer by layer into a deep place of relaxation Once the body and mind are very relaxed, an intention is set like a seed being sown in fertile soil followed with a period of silence to enjoy the peace of relaxation) Your session will be recorded so that you can listen to it over and over.

  • Sacred Ceremony in Honor of Transitions - In the Sanskrit language, there is a beautiful word, “Sandhi”, which means “the space in-between”.  Modern day life examples are pregnancy, graduation, birth, death, marriage, divorce, birthdays, starting a new business, moving, etc.  These “spaces in-between” are sacred. and are important times to pause, reflect, and where possible create a ritual of letting go and setting new intentions.  It is a wonderful way to clear from (and celebrate) the last phase before fully stepping into what is next. Together, we can customize  a ritual using a combination of the 5 elements (space, air, fire, water and earth), chanting, guided meditation, and more. This can be done individually or, when desired, in a group setting (for example if it is a wedding, life celebration, birthday, or expected arrival of a new baby.)

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