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Hi There! I'm Shiela

I have enjoyed a love for yoga and Ayurveda since learning about these two sister sciences as a teenager.  I draw inspiration from quiet time in meditation, long walks in nature, forest bathing, watching the sunset and smelling the flowers.

woman smiling outdoors sitting in hammock

I have spent many joyous hours of my life exploring and studying these sacred disciplines. Read on if you'd like to learn more about my education and personal healing journey.

Thank you so much for coming along!



200 hour Teacher Training Program Asheville Yoga Center

200 hour Teacher Training Program Santosha School

6 Week Panchakarma Training India Residential Program
Vasanta Institute of Ayurveda with
Dr. Vasant Lad

500 hour Teacher Training Program Santosha School

Massage Therapy Certification
Carmel School of Massage

1500 hour Ayurveda Practitioner 
Northwest Institute of Ayurveda

500 hour Vedic Astrology Certification Life Insight Mastery by Dr. Katy Jane

Additional Trainings and Certifications:
100 hour Foot Reflexology Certification with Thomacine Haywood, 100 hour Ayurveda for Women Course with Sunny Rose Healy, 40 hour Marma Point Therapy Course with Dr. Lad, 100 hour Orthobionomy Associates Training with SOBI, Cranio Sacral 1 Training with Upledger Institute, Thai Massage Training with Pierre Couvillion and 100's of additional hours of continuing education in various related modalities.

Ayurveda Life Mastery Health and Life Coach Certification
Northwest Institute of Ayurveda

My Story

As a teenager I went through a phase of depression and confusion. This led me to my first yoga class and my first real taste of peace in life. My yoga teacher encouraged me to continue with yoga and to learn to meditate. After college I moved to a meditation retreat center in Oregon where I worked as the head gardener for the better part of 15 years. I met my first husband at this retreat center and had many incredible opportunities to be in deep quiet contemplation amongst nature for long periods of time. I also had the opportunity to get trained as a yoga teacher and live in community with many inspiring people from all over the world.
In 2013, I went through a divorce that became a blessing in disguise for many reasons. The experience brought me back to Indianapolis to be close to my family and led me on a path to pursue more formal training as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and ayurvedic practitioner. This journey has led me to so many amazing teachers including Pierre Couvillion with Santosha School, Tracy Webb with the Ayurvedic Living School, Dr. Vasant Lad with the Ayurvedic institute, and so many others. For the last 10 years I have had the great joy of getting to work with many wonderful clients and students from all walks of life who I get to learn from and be inspired by every day.
My spiritual journey, personal evolution, connection to nature and communion with the greater Universe are my deepest passions in life. I am committed to sharing whatever I learn with those who cross paths with me. I am also committed to expressing love to the world around me through showing random acts of kindness and sharing smiles unreservedly from the depths of my heart.
"We can do no great things. Only small things with lots of love."

- Mother Theresa

I dedicate each morning to prayer and meditation and lean on this precious time to guide me in the work I am so privileged to do every day. I am a lifelong learner and continuously strive to broaden my toolset and keep my mind illumined and inspired.


I feel great joy in sharing what I’ve learned through my own healing journey  and years of working with clients of all ages, backgrounds and health conditions. I see each client and students as among my greatest teachers

When we work together...

We will listen deeply to your body, to your heart, and to your inner voice of wisdom. This will guide the way to healing on all levels. Depending on your unique needs, your journey with me may include massage and bodywork therapies, Ayurvedic consultation and coaching, supported yoga poses, pranayama, guided meditation, yoga nidra, forest bathing, cooking lessons, custom herbal remedies, and/or guidance on self care protocols. 


It is my greatest joy to support you to shine brightly as the most radiant version of yourself!

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