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Tejas: Radiance of Character

Tejas “An unashamed vibratory aura of goodness and a quiet outer expression of deep

inner joy” - Yogananda

What is Tejas?

Tejas is the pure essence of pitta and the fire element. It is the burning flame of pure

intelligence. It is responsible for the digestion in our bodies and the transformation of everything in the Universe. Tejas provides rupa (our coloring), prabha (our glow orluster), and sparsha (our quality of touch). Tejas is also responsible for the color of our aura, our

electromagnetic field. It governs optical and tactile perception. It transforms human

love into pure unconditional love and awareness. It allows us to find single pointed

focus in meditation. It allows us to have clarity of vision in life.

Ways To Support Tejas

  • Listen to the body’s natural intelligence, your deeper voice of intuition

  • Align your life rhythms with the rhythms of nature

  • Sun gaze, watch the sunrise and sunset, sunbathe

  • Pay attention to what illuminates your mind and do more of that

  • Avoid being overstimulated and practice pratyahara (unhooking from outer sensory

input and tapping into pure essence inside)

  • Do Surya Namaskar (sun salutations)

  • Do gentle aerobic exercise where heart rate goes up and a mild sweat breaks (15-20

min a day)

  • Svedana (sweating, sitting in a sauna)

  • Trataka (meditate while gazing at a flame)

  • Do stimulating pranayama(breathing techniques) - bhastrika, agni sara, kapalabhati

  • Kindle Agni (support and protect digestive fire) - use herbs if needed to support

digestion like fresh ginger, cumin, fennel

  • Favor foods that are warm and nourishing

  • Eat your main meal during pitta hours of the day (10am-2pm)

  • Life visioning: create a vision board, journal, allow your inner flame of

awareness to get brighter

  • Make use of the golden hours of the morning

  • Read something inspiring and illuminating

  • Put your attention on and be inspired by illumined humans by learning about

their lives and reading their words of wisdom

  • Meditate on and chant the Gayatri Mantra

Want to learn more about Tejas and how it's manifesting in your life? Contact me to book an Ayurvedic Consultation!

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