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Complimentary Ayurveda Respiratory Care and Allergy Relief Workshop

(Online Webinar)

March 23rd 5-6pm

Duration: 1 hours

RSVP by email to

Part 1 - theory

- learn about the respiratory system through the lens of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and western medicine 

- important self care and herbs for respiratory wellbeing (both for prevention and for calming acute flare ups) 

- emotions associated with this system 

- signs of balance/imbalance and how vata, pitta, and kapha will express in this system when there is an imbalance. 

- time for questions  - personal or regarding the content covered.  

Part 2 -self care retreat

- lymphatic Sinus drainage massage

- nasal steam - nasya (medicated nasal oil application)

- chest and rib massage with oil  and percussion for lung congestion

- lighting sage or resin and breathing in the smoke to clear the sinus and respiratory passages. - breathing techniques and helpful yoga poses

Recommended supplies: Boiling water, a towel and bowl for the nasal steam Nasya oil blend (can be purchased at santosha or link will be provided along with zoom link or plain sesame or olive oil can be used) Cozy place for the self care Optional- mahanarayana oil (link will be provided)- great for chest and rib massage for when lung congestion is present.


Santosha Spring Cleanse

(Online Webinar)

April 8-29


Seasonal Cleanses are comparable to prepping your garden for a season of abundance and beauty.  In dedicating some time to our own deep self care, we are giving ourselves support to be the most full version of ourselves possible. Home panchakarma offers the opportunity for the mind, body, and senses to have extra rest and shed layers so that we can be radiant and buoyant. It happens in three stages: 

1) The Preparations Stage (Purva Karma) involves preparing the bodily channels and gently loosening up ama (sticky toxic build up) so that it can start to make its way to the digestive system. 

2)The Active Cleanse Stage (Panchakarma)  Panchakarma means 5 actions - each action assists the  ama (toxins) in being eliminated from the body.  This is the climax of the cleanse. 

3) The Rejuvenation Stage (Rasayana) - the rebuilding, nourishing phase. How we choose to come out of a cleanse is equally as important as the actual cleansing process.


New Moon Circle

Moon Gazing

(3 Part Series In-studio)

March 20, April 10, May 8th 3-5p


Celebrate the Divine Feminine in a 3 part class series: 

1) Slow (March 20) - Lunar and female cycles.  Healthy attitude toward menses.  Marma points for menses (brina a partner).  Castor Oil pack.  Yoga Nidra

2) Synchronize  (April 10) - Into to doshas.  Vata-Pitta-Kapha in monthly and life cycles.  Track and observe your cycle.  Mud Treatments.  

3) Nourish: (May 8) - Monthly cycle, monthly cleanse.  Eat for your cycle and stage of life.  Food and drink to nourish yourself throughout the month.



Class Schedule

I teach regularly at Santosha School.  Classes are offered in-studio or online.  Pre-registration is required. You can find the most current schedule here:

7a EST Yoga 1-2
In-Studio @ ​Santosha School

9a EST Level 1 
In-Studio @ ​Santosha School 


Online @

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